14th June 2017

About Us

The Black Mountain Food Hub works like an online farmers market where local consumers can buy direct from local food producers through our website.

Customers can shop online From Saturday to Tuesday and then collect their order from the Llandeilo Station Hub on a Friday afternoon from 12pm – 5pm. Alternatively, we offer delivery between Llandeilo and Llandovery.

Our main aim is to encourage more small scale local food producers. To do this we provide a simple and efficient system to handle sales and delivery as well as actively promoting and marketing on behalf of our local producers.

We want to grow this local market by connecting local consumers and local producers and inviting them to join this co-operative enterprise. The Food Hub is a co-operative “Community Interest Company”. This means is it run primarily for the benefit of the local community. Local people can join the co-operative and take part in the decisions we make about how the Food Hub should develop. Membership is optional but if fresh local food is something you care about then please join us and together we can work to create a more resilient local food system for the Towy Valley.

For more on how we work, have a look at Our Ethos.

For more information about joining the Food Hub as a member see Getting Involved